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Compol implements changes in Caribbean Shores

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, met with over fifty residents of the Caribbean Shores area yesterday evening to listen to their concerns as they relate to neighborhood and community security.  Williams was flanked by other senior officers as participants verbalized their fears of crime spreading to the Northside and the loitering and noise particularly at the seaside where persons are known to hang out. As a response, the Commissioner noted that there will be a cut off time of 8 o’clock at the basketball court and there will be little to no tolerance when it comes to those hanging out at the sea side and consuming alcoholic beverages.  Area Representative Kareem Musa was in attendance and told Love News that it is a welcome change.

Kareem Musa: “The community of Buttonwood Bay is understandably reeling from the loss of three young people last week: we had Mr. Masaki Yaanai a young Japanese boy student, Mr. Shawn Hemmans that was in the Kings Park Area and we also lost a young lady by the name of Morlena Moritz on the highway because there is not a pedestrian crossing so definitely the community is reeling from this and we are mourning the loss of these young people. First I want to commend the Commissioner of Police Mr. Chester Williams for making himself available for consultation and dialogue with the residents of Buttonwood Bay but in the course of dialogue last night several issues were raised and a few of the residents in the immediate vicinity of the park expressed concerns that at time the young men and women that play basketball go very late into the night. In some instances as late as midnight or one in the morning and so they were complaining that this causes a nuisance because they can hear the shouting and the basketball bouncing and these sorts of things and these let me say these are residents an individuals who are normally very supportive of the positive events that take place inside the park and so when it is that they voice their concerns we as community must listen and we must certainly try to take steps to alleviate this nuisance and this inconvenience. I hear the Commissioner to be saying that it is a nuisance and an inconvenience and so it is not necessarily a curfew that he is imposing by saying 8 o’clock but rather he is just saying that we need to be considerate and we cannot be making noise on the basketball court. I have mentioned to him that I don’t believe that 8 o’clock is fair and practical. I think that we should be able to strike a balance while at the same time ensuring that we are not causing  a nuisance to those in the immediate area.”