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COMPOl on Unions

The public service is not the only entity preparing for the union’s actions.  As a matter of fact, the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is ensuring that his officers are prepared should in the event things turn sour.  He did note, however, that the unions or teachers aren’t enemies. Williams says that throughout the various activities union members have remained peaceful and compliant with COVID-19 restrictions while police officers have been deployed to maintain law and order.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “As you would know that the teachers and the PSU continue their actions in respect of the wage cut that the government had proposed. And so they have a number of activities that they are planning for the week, as they did last week. We as a department who have been tasked to ensure that law and order maintains what we’ll be doing during this time is not to be confrontational with these union members. You’d would know that we’re in a time of COVID and COVID-19 regulations to prohibit mass gathering and so what we have been doing is to work with the union by exercising restraint. But at the same time, we advise them to ensure that they are in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations. We do not want that one of these events may cause a super spreader of the virus. And so it is important that they do so and I must say that so far they have been compliant. We have always seen the unions and the teachers as our friends, they are not enemies. And so whatever we can do to ensure that the events that they have is being police, then we’re going to do so, but in terms of going after them and be confrontational, we’re not going to do that, no.”

Police Commissioner Williams says he hopes that the matter between the unions and the government comes to an amicable solution.