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ComPol reinstates city-wide curfew

The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams is rethinking his approach and is implementing a curfew starting tonight.  In a late evening press conference, he told the media that the parents of these criminals should be held responsible as well.  With that thought, Commissioner Williams says for all children under 16 found on the streets without parental guidance, the parents will have to answer to the police.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “I am sure that the public would appreciate the fact that they have seen a lot of police activities and the police have had great success in removing firearms, drugs, even arresting and charging criminals. The Gang Task Force has been extremely busy charging gang members for gang membership but there is only so much we can do. I wish that the courts would not give them bail when they go to court. I wish that when they are convicted they are sentenced to prison rather than being imposed a fine but the court is independent from us and they do what they believe they ought to do when dealing with a matter. Now while people sit and blame the police for the criminal activities that are occurring I want to say that we are doing what we can and that there is only so much that we can do. Instead of blaming the police we need to begin to look at those persons who raise these monsters and unleash them on the streets. I want to say here that I will give instructions to the officer commanding Belize City or Belize District to reinstate the curfew. This time we are not going after the children, we are going after the parents so once the child is found on the street after hours we are going to take the child home and we are going to bring the parent and the parent will face the music.”

The ComPol will also attempt to raise the age of the curfew from 16 to 18. ///