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Compol Says a Recommendation to Have ACP Vidal Suspended has been Submitted

The only law enforcement officer detained for this recent drug plane landing is a Corporal of Police. He is originally from Esperanza Village, Cayo District and has ties to Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal. This police corporal was a member of the Gang Suppression Unit when ACP Vidal headed that unit. He was also seconded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and was security to DPP Cheryl-Lyn Vidal, who separated from ACP Vidal over a year ago. With ACP Vidal being a common factor among the police officers arrested within the last three weeks in the plane landing cases, Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed that a recommendation to the Security Services Commission to have Vidal suspended will be submitted. Williams says that Vidal is being investigated.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I don’t know if he was part of the cost steam but he was part of GSU I think. Remember most of the time GSU were in existence under Mr.Vidal I was away at law school so I am not too familiar with all the members of the GSU then but from what I had been told yes he was a member of the GSU under Mr.Vidal. He was not a member of the cost team for sure but he also worked in Belize City with Mr.Vidal in the SOT team in Belize City. There are certain things that we’re doing I have said before that we are conducting an internal investigation in relation to Mr.Vidal. That internal investigation should be completed today and the findings will be submitted to the CEO for the CEO to make representation to the services commission for Mr.Vidal’s suspension pending the possible hearing of disciplinary actions against him.”

The recommendation for ACP Vidal’s suspension must go to the Security Services Commission and must be presented by the CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kevin Arthurs.