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Compol Says Citizens Need to Help the Police to Curb Crime

Over the weekend there were for murders; three which were committed with some sort of firearm. That brings the murder count to about 53 already and we are just in the fifth month of the year. If this trend continues it might well be that 2015 may become the most murderous year yet. In fact, 2015 has already has more murders that 2012, 2013 and 2014. So what is the Belize Police Department doing about it? Well, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie says that they are doing everything possible but they need the cooperation of the community.



“Crime is not an issue that will be solved by the Belize Police Department.  It will take each and every individual citizen within Belize.  As I have always said, we don’t have police on every street corner but we have citizen who live on every street and so, the solution to the crime problem, the kind of information and intelligence we need, rests with the citizen out there.  I have always asked for their support to provide those kinds of information; to work with us.  We have done a number of community policing programs and projects where we are trying to partner with the community.  Yes, it is a tough job, I recognize that it is a thankless job but someone has got to do it and I believe that we are up to the challenge and we have been doing the best possible job.  Understand that we are not out there doing the crimes; we are trying to prevent the crimes but crimes are not concentrated on one part of Belize City or one part of the country.  As soon as you put things in place to try and neutralize one area, then something occurs and it occurs somewhere else.  What we have been trying to do is to build the resiliency in terms of ensuring that our investigators hit the ground running and that they try to get the best possible evidence to identify the perpetrators, to interdict them and arrest and charge and that is what we have been doing.”