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Commissioner’s Tour 2019 is at an end. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams met with the last set of officers at the Queen Street Police Station this morning. A number of issues were discussed regarding the strengthening of the police association and use of funds for illness and expenses. But one area of development that had unanimity was his plan to seek crown land for police officers. Commissioner Williams explained his concept to the media this morning.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “We will also be looking at amending the association rules to be able to make sure that the monies collected, that there will be accountability on the part of those persons who will administer the funds, so that will be done. The next thing I propose to them that I want to work on with the association is to look at police land ownership. You know we have a number of police officers who work a number of years and resign or retire and don’t own a piece of land or don’t own anything. I think that having served your country for over ten years you should at least be entitled to a piece of this beautiful country of ours and so I am proposing that myself and the association approach the Minister of Natural Resources and ask him to make available at each district a plot of land that will be given to police officers. So whenever you have an officer who works for ten years then he is entitled to get a piece of land as a first-time landowner. It would only be for first time land ownership and we are not asking for it to be free but we are asking that whenever this is done that the officers get the land at a reduced cost again to be able to make it affordable for them and again I think this is a great morale booster to the officers. They welcomed it and they believed that will significantly help them and I am sure that if I am to approach the Minister of Natural Resources along with the association that he will be more than willing to accommodate us with that so those are two of the main welfare issues that we discussed and officers were very much upbeat hearing about them and are waiting to see these things occurring so we will continue to push those.”

Chester Williams is in his third month as the Police Commissioner.