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Compol Says says “Dickie” Should Prosecute Suspected Narco-traffickers, Not Represent Them

He is the ‘go to’ criminal defence attorney and tonight, we’ve confirmed that Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley has been retained to represent the police corporal detained for the recent drug plane landing in the Mountain Pine Ridge area. We also confirmed that the men detained for this recent drug plane landing are expected to be arraigned tomorrow in the Belmopan’s Magistrate Court. Bradley has been critical of the police department and today Police Commissioner Chester Williams told the media that Bradley should consider prosecuting suspected narco-traffickers instead of representing them.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We have certain attorneys who are out there and make it seem like they want to see this plane landing stop in our country but they are the same attorneys who are representing these people and the sad part is that as we sought to interview these persons they got calls from their attorneys saying not to say nothing to the police and because of that the persons are mute they don’t want to say anything to us they’re following instructions from the attorneys and so we have to find other ways to see if we can get the evidence to prosecute them. When we had the previous plane landing with the four police officers at Bladen myself, the minister and the CEO we discussed the matter and we said – the minister suggested that it would be good to get a special prosecutor to prosecute the matter and we agreed and I suggested that we should get Dickie Bradley to prosecute the matter for us but it turned out that Dickie Bradley is defending the accused person so we could not get him so we’re still trying to find someone who will be able to prosecute the matter for us. We believe that since Dickie Bradley always seems to be concerned about the plane landings that he would be willing to assist in prosecuting the matter as a special prosecutor but we don’t have that option any more. I wish Dickie Bradley had not opted to represent the plane landers and would have opted to prosecute the matter for us. I don’t know if that was indeed said at the bail hearing and I can tell you right now as the Commissioner I have some serious concerns because these same police officers as you would know they had been active across the country and they were very much result oriented. They made a number of drug busts across the country and the sad part is that Mr.Bradley is representing some of the accused persons that these policemen have charged. Now he’s their attorney, you could do the maths from there. There’s a clear conflict of interest because now he is the attorney for the officers who are supposed to testify in cases against some of his clients do the maths from there.”