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Compol says the Cut of Electricity is a Whole Other Level of Protest

And while Police were not able to make an arrest for the burning tires, the Police Commissioner says his officers are on high alert following the possible threat to cut the supply of electricity. The threat came via a draft document from the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) that surfaced earlier this week. As Compol explains it, the cut of electricity is a whole other level of protest.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “If that were to happen then they’re taking it to another level because with that they’ll be causing disruption to the lives of many people and more so disruption to the country and I don’t think that any sensible union would want to put the country in a more dire financial position. We’re understanding our position right now to do things and make things worse so I would want to hope that the Belize Energy Workers Union are going to analyze the situation and while yes I understand they stand in solidarity with the other unions that they must to some extent try to look more carefully at the extent to which they will go. But at the same time the police as well as the other security forces we’re monitoring very closely and I can tell you that we already have patrols at the different installations across the country with a view to avoid any sabotage that will result in the disruption of either water, telephone or electricity service to the people of this country.”