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COMPOL Speaks of the Need for More Police in Toledo District

Last week there was a murder in San Benito Poite, a village in the Toledo District and over the weekend the partially decomposed body of a solider was found.  When it comes to the presence of police officers, the Commissioner of Police concedes that there is need for improvement in this southern district particularly given the number of villages that make up the district.  Working with the human resource currently available, Commissioner Whylie explained how things presently functions.


“The police did respond the night but it is a remote area, difficult terrain as you see. Across Belize because of the length and breadth of Belize we have many remote villages and we have substations in some areas and where we have those substations one of those substations could be responsible for as much as ten or twelve villages. There are areas where we do not have substations and a lot of those areas especially in the Toledo District when the request for assistance comes the response would normally come from a head station especially an incident where it was reported someone had been chopped and had died.”

Whylie also spoke about the difficulties and challenges that the police face in policing the southern district.


“No country will be able to build a police station and place a police there in every village because sometimes villages sping up quick so there has to be analysis done in terms of population, the level of crime, the level of reports and so on and those are the sorts of things that we are guided by in terms of when we make recommendations for new police stations to be built. We are at the stage where the type of structures we build the one man police station should be a thing of the past because it’s difficult for one officer to police any village more so when you have five to eight of them. There is also the issue of mobility for those officers that also needs to be addressed so there is  whole number of factors we’ve got to consider when we make those kinds of recommendations.”

Whylie stated that the Police are looking at various forms of improving the capacity to police the district.