ComPol vouches for ASP Aaron Gamboa

ComPol vouches for ASP Aaron Gamboa

Amid the allegations of corruption being made against Assistant Superintendent of Police, Aaron Gamboa, the Police Commissioner, Chester Williams is vouching for him. Gamboa came under scrutiny after reports surfaced after a known criminal went public on the news media, declaring that Gamboa is crooked, and that he has proof.  Williams says not only does he vouch for Gamboa’s character but maintains confidence in his leadership of the San Pedro Police Formation. Williams also chided Channel 7 News for running a story on Gamboa without proper investigation.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I am sure the allegations against Mr.Gamboa have no merit. I can tell yo that for sure but again let the person who went and gave you the information make his official complaints and then we’ll investigate. But from what I know having listened to the interview and having done some verification I can say definitively that what he has said to you is not the truth. Mr.Gamboa is one of the strongest commander we have who commands one of our operational units. He tries and he’s always on the ground with his people directing them to ensure that what needs to be done is done but he is only one man. He needs to get support from his supporting team the person who is in charge of SPU in Belize City because he has a person who is responsible for Belize City as well as the other NCOs who are part of the unit it is not just about him and so we are going to lend him our support today so that the others can understand that we are here to work together and it is only be working together that we’ll be able to achieve our operational objectives and so I have every confidence in the job that Mr.Gamboa is doing as the commander of SPU. If you would per se have some US currency and I need the US and you give me the US and I transfer the Belize currency to you in payment of the US that you had sent to me is that a crie ? Not just because we see a transaction means we must jump to conclusion.”

Reporter: It’s a transaction on a gun dealer.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “It doesn’t matter. It could have been a transaction with anybody per se so long as the source of where the funds is coming from is legitimate. What is there to say a gun dealer cannot transfer money to you or to anybody. I’m not going to delve into this too much because I think Mr.Gamboa has indicated his intent to take legal actions but we cannot just because we see certain things we just come up with our own assertions and defame people. We have to be extremely careful as to what we do and who we listen to.”

Minister of Police Kareem Musa spoke on the matter last week, encouraging the person who made the allegations against Gamboa to report the matter to the Professional Standards Branch which is yet to happen.  The accuser, Brady Tillett, was recently arrested and remanded after cops raided his home.  Love News understands that Gamboa has retained the services of an attorney to sue for defamation of character.

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