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COMPOL Warns of Illegal Easter Gatherings

And while Minister Kareem Musa is clear on what is expected from the Belizeans over the weekend, the Police Commissioner has expressed concerns over the promotions and advertisements taking place for Easter events. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: I must say as a department we are a bit concerned over the amount of advertisements we are seeing for this Easter holiday where different business establishments as well as private individuals are advertising activities or events that they will be having over the holidays. So we just want to remind the general public that we’re still in a state of pandemic and we do have statutory instrument number nine of 2021 which outlined the different protocols as it relates to the COVID-19 prevention regulations. And so particularly I want to draw the attention to the public to section nine or regulation nine which speaks to the restriction against social events, social gathering and even recreational activities and so while yes you are free to go to the beaches over the holidays you must bear in mind that you cannot go to the beach and socialize. If it is that you’re going to have a private party or a social activity at your home then you cannot invite anybody from outside your household. So yes while you can have something within the confines of your home the minute you introduce somebody from outside your immediate household to that event then it becomes an illegal activity and so the police will be out in full force to ensure that there’s compliance with the regulation and we also want to again remind the public that we do have the 0800PARTIES number that they can still call if it is your neighbor has a party and did not invite you and you’re upset over them having that party let us know and we will be happy to join that party on your behalf.”