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Compol Williams Comments on Shortage of Magistrates

There is a shortage of magistrates countrywide. At the moment there are a total of eight magistrates dealing with hundreds of cases across the country. The government is seeking to hire seven magistrates and vacancies have been advertised. That, however, will take a process and that process will take time and as Police Commissioner Chester Williams told Love News today, justice delayed is justice denied.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well it does affect not only the work that the prosecutors do it affects the public on a whole because you know there’s a saying that justice delayed is justice denied and we’re seeing that cases are not being tried in a timely manner. You’d know that we have the criminal practices and procedures rule which was implemented a couple years ago under the former Chief Justice where timelines were set for trials to be done and for sure the courts have not been able to keep up with the provisions of that rule. And again when cases are delayed to be tried we find for the most part the victims do not want to come to court anymore so the saying is true that when justice is delayed it is denied. So we’re hoping that the matter will be rectified very soon  and the magistracy will be staffed and we will be able to prosecute these cases in a more timely manner.”