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Compol Williams Comments on the Uptick in Fatal Shootings

The recent killings have Belizeans concerned. The Belize Police Department is working on addressing the recent spike in crime. Police Commissioner Chester Williams shared the department’s crime-fighting strategy.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “From a police response standpoint we are ramping up our presence on the grounds. We have put additional features to our Mahogany Heights operations as well as our operations in the city where we are now going again at these gang members with a view to see how we can stem any further retaliation. But again let me say that these incidents are not gang related. It’s not like when you would see in the past you’d have one murder and then there’s a chain of murders from that one these are isolated from each other and that makes it a bit more difficult. Nonetheless we have engaged LIU who will also be looking at intervention with those whom we can do intervention. But our primary objective is to make sure that we do what we can to solve them and where we’re not able to solve then we look at other measures to prevent any further retaliation in respect to these murders. I wouldn’t say it is frustrating we have been in this business long enough and we do understand that in a mix of Belize City. Belize City is not an easy place to police and again you know that the proximity of gang members and like you rightly said the propensity for our young people for violence is an issue and we have always tried to find ways and means by which we can address those issues and try to see how we can quell tempers and angers. It is rather difficult at times but I don’t see it as an act in futility I still believe that we are gaining significant inroads. You would know that this city has been relatively calm and normally after a calm a storm comes and we just have to make sure we are prepared for this storm. I think our efforts in trying to diffuse whatever is happening on the ground have always yielded success and that is what we are going to do. These things are going to manifest themselves unbeknown to us and I think what is important then is for us to make sure that we respond adequately to make sure that there is not that trend of killing in the city. I am optimistic that we are going to get there.