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Compol Williams Confirms Drug Plane Landing in Northern Belize

Investigators are looking into reports of a drug plane landing in rural Corozal. Reports are that the plane was able to land, refuel and depart from a make-shift runway about two miles southwest of Santa Clara Village. Additional reports say that the one-mile area was lit with fluorescent lighting and aluminum buckets with a burning substance inside. Upon inspection no aircraft was found in the area. Police Commissioner Chester Williams described the landing as an unusual event as the aircrafts are normally found burnt.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Last night we had received information of a suspect aircraft coming our way from South America. As we would normally do JIAC which is the Joint Intelligence Operating Center began to mobilize and deploy members of the security forces to different locations where we anticipate this suspect aircraft may land. And just around 2am thereabout this morning we were informed by a Mexican air asset that the plane had landed somewhere in the north. I’m not going to disclose the location at this time because police and other military personnel are still in the area conducting operations. And so based on the information we had obtained from the Mexican air asset we deployed to the location where we were told the plane was seen on the ground. On the way to that location we received additional information that basically diverted the operation team to different areas and searches were conducted but so far nothing has been found. Based on what the Mexican air asset had said to us is that the plane was a small plane perhaps one of those small Cessna single engine planes and it did not stay on the ground for long. About a few minutes after landing the plane took off again. We did made our arrival at the makeshift air strip where the plane landed and we found that it was still well lit, it had all the lights along the area that guided the plane to land and so scenes of crime personnel and police processed the area while members of our security forces continue to do operations within the area just in the event that the plane may have brought drugs because based on what we were told we weren’t even informed by the Mexican air asset if anything was seen unloaded from the plane so we don’t even know if it only stopped to refuel or it let off cargo whatever the case may be and just to make sure we cover all ends we are still in the area conducting searches just in the event that anything might be in the area.”

Love News understands that the landing may have occurred just after two o’clock this morning. We will have more on this story in our evening news.