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Compol Williams Confirms that the Police Officer Involved in Escobar’s Death Lied in his Statement

Sunday night’s shooting has brought on a series of trouble for Police Constable Juan Morales. Not only is he forced to rebuild his home but now he may be looking for another job soon. It is a strong possibility after it was found that the officer lied in his statement to the Police on what really transpired on Sunday night in Santa Familia Village. Morales was along with the two BDF soldiers, Valencio and Alcoser on the night that Jesse Escobar was fatally shot. Several discrepancies were found in his statement when compared to the surveillance footage. Police Commissioner conceded to the media that lies were told.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Thank God we have video now and police officers are told this every time you know ? Every thing we do in public it is being watched and if it is that you know that you are being watched and you still display a certain conduct then it’s on you. And yes in terms of the statement that I see circulating is not signed so in terms of authenticity it’s an issue but let me say that it is somewhat consistent with the signed one and so the fact that the officer lied in that statement it is something that we are also looking at internally because under our disciplinary rules it would fall under ‘an act prejudiced to good order and discipline.’ as well. He will be interdicted after being charged. We need it to be made loud and clear to them that once we find out that they lie in a statement, an official statement that forms part of an investigation they’ll be dealt with and hopefully that is going to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to do the same.”

Reports reaching our newsroom are that PC Morales did not go through any formal training as a police officer. Those reports suggest that he was brought in from the rank of Special Constable to Police Constable without the proper law enforcement training.