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ComPol Williams Disappointment with Police Officer who failed to Stop a Fight

A female police officer is in trouble tonight with her superiors. This is because a video over the weekend went viral. That video showed two mentally ill women, one who was completely nude, physically fighting at the Belize City bus terminal. Internet users were quick to point out that a woman police officer was a couple of feet away from the fight and failed to act. Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that an internal investigation has been launched.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Certainly the video was sent to me and I must express my extreme disappointment in the actions of the police in question. It shows that indeed these two females were having an altercation and the female police officer stood in the back hiding and appeared to be laughing. I don’t know if she was making fun of what was taking place but whatever it may be her actions certainly is tantamount to a breach of discipline, a clear act of neglect of duty and that matter has been referred to PSB and they’re dealing with the matter now. In our oath it says that we must do so without fear or favor, affection or ill will and it is expected that we will uphold that oath. If it is that the officer in question felt that she was not in a position to adequately address the issue without being harmed then at the very least she could have called for support to come so that the matter could have been addressed. And so I am not going to convict her but she needs to explain what happened, why certain things were not done and that’s what the investigation is going to reveal.”