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Compol Williams Explains Lock Down Sunday

The COVID-19 regulations came into effect today. Two major amendments to Statutory Instrument Number 74 including the requirement to present a vaccination card or negative PCR or rapid test to enter a government or semi-government building. Another major change will be seen on no movement Sunday, two days from now. The prior SI allowed persons to move on Sunday only to purchase medication, fuel or groceries. For this coming Sunday, grocery stores, water depots and tortilla factories will not be allowed to open. Police Commissioner Chester Williams shared the list and explained why this measure is being taken.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Under the new SI that came out yesterday the businesses that are  allowed to be opened on the no movement Sundays has been amended and so now under the current SI the only businesses that are going to be allowed to open are fuel stations, pharmacies, medical and veterinary institutions, businesses that provide public transportation, hotels and resorts for the purpose of serving their guests as the case may be. So we’re now  seeing that stores are no longer allowed to be opened so people will not be able to move around on Sunday to say that they’re going to the stores because the stores aren’t going to be open they’ll only be allowed to move around if you are seeking the services offered at any of the institutions that will be allowed to be opened. I would want to think that reason for that is because people were complaining that with the no movement Sundays when you allowed stores to be open that people still find reasons to be at the stores in large numbers and so it does not help to contain the virus so with  a view to mitigate that the stores are now being closed.”