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Compol Williams Hails the Seizure of Over One Thousand Pounds of Cocaine

Following the discovery of the burnt narco-plane, sixty law enforcement officers remained in the area looking for the cargo that was removed from the burnt aircraft. The search was successful as on Tuesday it yielded twenty-five point five bails of cocaine; a total of five hundred and fourteen bricks, amounting to five hundred and seventy-nine point three-four kilograms or its equivalent of just over twelve hundred pounds. Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on the extended search, saying that the police officers who remained in the area were determined to find the drugs.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Having located the pilot we were able to obtain additional information and we intensified our search. Again we spent the night in the Pine Ridge and yesterday morning just before midday Mr.Grinage and his team came upon what we believe was the content of the air craft which happened to be twenty two and a half bales of suspected cocaine amounting to 514 bricks and just over 700 kilos. The suspected cocaine was removed from the area yesterday, has been processed and is now being kept pending destruction. We do believe that there were certain person manning the drugs and perhaps when they heard the police in the area they might have flee leaving the drugs behind. What we also believe is that the drugs was not always there. It was somewhere else but perhaps during the course of our operations in the jungle they believed that we were getting too close and they moved it to that location where it was found. So we have a pretty good idea who is the person who was responsible for manning the drugs and that happened to be the brother of the Mennonite that we have detained. He is still being sought ,we have not been able to find him and may I also say that the Mennonite who is detained, Mr.Penner, is the holder of two gun license and we have not been able to locate his guns and he is saying he doesn’t know where his guns are. So we believe that his guns were being used by those who were manning the drugs as their protection.”

For clarity, the Police Press Office shared that twenty-five point five bails of cocaine were found and not twenty-two point five as previously stated by Williams. And while the police officers managed to find the drugs, members of the public find it unusual that a bail of cocaine was found half empty.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “There is no reason or there is no iota of evidence to suggest that the law enforcement officers who found those drugs had tampered with it. Don’t you also think that the persons who are involved in the movement of the drugs could have also taken their share from it ? It cannot be that we must always try to cast blame on those who seek to do good because the truth is these officers if it is that they wanted to be so corrupt they could have simply found the drugs there leave it there walk away and pretend they didn’t find it. They were honest enough to report their findings and there were over sixty – we deployed over sixty police officers in the jungle almost the entire SPU and the MIT were in the jungle because we were adamant that we must find the content of that plane. So if you have sixty police officers in the jungle and half a bale is missing which is ten what will sixty police officers do with ten ? You don’t think they would have taken more ? Let’s apply common sense.”