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Compol Williams Responds to the UDP’s Claim on Crime

Responding to the UDP was Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa. Minister Musa told Love News that (quote) “it’s sad that on the heels of families grieving that the UDP has chosen to take this time to try and gain cheap political points especially when they have 13 years of failure. Our administration, through the Leadership Intervention Unit, has garnered the support and buy-in of civil society, the churches, the business community all of whom believe that fighting crime is not a political issue but rather everybody’s business. Our focus is to return the substance of healing through inclusion.” (end of quote) Musa says that (quote) Such shamelessly political statements would be disappointing, especially coming from the face of arrogance and 13 years of failure but the truth is that this is what the UDP does so we cannot expect any better.” (end quote) During today’s police press briefing, Police Commissioner Chester Williams was asked about the figures. He said that compared to previous years, the numbers have remained below the deadliest year.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Things will never be as pretty or ideal as we want it to be. But we must employ our best endeavor to make it as best as we can to make our people as safe as they possibly can be and we have been doing that. Under my tenure as commissioner you can check you will see that we have the three years with the lowest homicide in this country even though population increased, even though poverty increases, even though unemployment increases which are all factors that could contribute to a high crime rate it has been the lowest three years. You can get your stats and I can give you mine because we don’t need to argue this you can check 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 the only year better is 2013 that’s the only year better going all the way back to 2012. 2019, 2020, 2021 have been the least deadliest years so that shows that under my stewardship we’re doing something good because while population increases and all the other factors are spoke about increases that lends the potential for crime to increase we have kept it at a certain level below the previous years so don’t sit there and say to me that I lie to the people, I don’t lie to the people. I tell the Belizean people what is it that we are doing. Now if what we were doing does not go as far as we wanted to go to achieve as much as we want it to achieve that does not mean I’m lying no. So I would hope you would track your statement.”