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Compol Williams Say his Exit is Not So Soon

Finally, from the Police Commissioner for today, last week we told you that Chester Williams is preparing to demit office. The news report came after he hinted that the would-be looking to leave in a couple of months. This morning on the morning show, however, he clarified that it would not be so soon. He also clarified that he is not being forced out, but rather it is a personal decision.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, Belize Police Department: “I have said previously that I may stay in the office for two more years and two years would put me at five years as commissioner. I don’t think that I need to serve more than five years as Commissioner of Police and so that will take me to January of 2023 right. So there is no intent on my part to leave office before then, January of 2023. So please, people have been calling me after they heard the Love FM News. “Commissioner, weh yoh gwen fa? You’re doing a good job. You’re young yet.” Yes I appreciate all of that right but I have said that five years as commissioner is good enough for me and I can then look to other things that I have planned for the future.”

Rene Villanueva, Host, The Morning Show: Have there been any indication that you may be asked to leave or something because I know that sometimes, in positions like the one that you have, sometimes you are asked to leave, you know, nicely, or sometimes not too very nicely. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, Belize Police Department: “Myself and my minister and the government do have a very good relationship. I have never been asked or even hinted that the government wants me to leave. As a matter of fact, I continue to get praises for the good job that I have been doing as commissioner. I don’t take praises for it. I attribute that to the good men and women of the police department.”

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: But as we’re talking on your departure, which 2023 is not too far away. Me and Chief were talking this morning that we’re already in. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, Belize Police Department: No I mean, January of 2024.”

Chester Williams first took office as the Police Commissioner on January 2019.