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Compol Williams Says ACP Vidal May be Placed on Administrative Leave

Two drug planes within three weeks and five police officers nabbed as facilitators. So, what do these five officers have in common? They all at some point worked directly under Assistant Commissioner of Police, Marco Vidal. An internal investigation has since been launched, and today, during a press brief, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, provided an update on that investigation on allegations of misconduct by ACP Marco Vidal. Since the November 4 landing, Vidal’s elite Commander Operations Strike Team (COST) has been dismantled. ACP Vidal had requested personal leave shortly after the Bladen landing, but now he just might end up on administrative leave. Love News understands that a recommendation will be presented to the Security Services Commission for Vidal to be placed on administrative leave.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “He is still on leave. I think his leave would end on the 6th of December and by then we should already approach the services commission for his suspension to take effect as the leave comes to an end. While yes there is a move to suspend it will be based on administrative failures. The investigation so far have not unearthed anything to suggest that Mr.Vidal as involved or in cahoots with those persons but yes we have seen where as the Commander of Operations and the person that was in charge of the team that he could have done certain things to prevent what happened and he did not. So administratively he will be held accountable for those.”