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Compol Williams Says COVID Parties Continue to be Held Despite Warning to Citizens

And finally: the owner of a popular spot down south was charged for breaking COVID-19 regulations. Pictures of a ram-jammed Barefoot Bar, showing patrons, not social distancing and wearing face masks surfaced on social media. Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that several of these functions continue to hold even though the number of COVID deaths continues on the rise.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Everyday I listen to people bashing the government, bashing the Ministry of Health, bashing the police about covid-19 or covid infections. We’re saying that the numbers are so high but the question is what are we doing to mitigate the numbers? The Ministry of Health, the government or the police are not the ones conducting these parties or holding these parties and yes as much as we try to identify the locations of these parties and disrupt them and make arrests there are some that are encouraged discreetly that we don’t know about and it is these irresponsible behavior of the few or the selfish behavior of the few that have us in the predicament that we’re in. The sad part is that people do foolishness and the wrong people get blamed for it. As a society we need to start to point the fingers or the blame where they rightfully belong. As a police department we continue to work towards achieving the objective of the covid-19 regulations. The one in Placencia at Barefoot I think is the name of the bar the owner was arrested and will be appearing at court today because we got information about it, we went there, we saw the party and she was arrested so she will be appearing in court today.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: What about participants because there were other events as well over the weekend.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “You see to go after the participants it’s so much we would not be able to capture all of them so in this instance only the owner was charged and I think the police did issue ticket for some of the persons who were inside for not wearing masks.”