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ComPol Williams says “guava to the right side of this farrid” was a prank

Last week, a medico-legal form had social media platforms buzzing with users questioning the intelligence of police officers. The medico-legal report is dated August 16th and filled at the Southern Regional Hospital. Now the description of the supposed injuries is what had social media users frantically laughing and critical of the police. As injuries, a police officer wrote “guava to the right side of this farrid”. But while the public was critical of the police, Police Commissioner Chester Williams clarified the matter, saying it was all a prank. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The truth of the matter is that that matter was a prank that the officers in Dangriga did among themselves. It was not an official medico- legal form that we issued to somebody to go to doctor, it was only a prank between them and you all have seen and it is common sense. You all have seen a number of medico-legal forms issued by the police have you ever seen something like this before? No. It was just a prank between the officers and someone put it out and made news and people began to say that police are illiterate. I can say emphatically that our recruitment process has been such that we recruit qualified people. Many of our entries are persons with associates degree, bachelor’s degree, high school the very least and in a case like that if it were a true medico- legal form the proper description would have been a swelling on the forehead and that’s what you would normally see so that itself should have said to those people who made it news that something was wrong. It was just a prank.”