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Compol Williams says He Doesn’t Believe Gang Members are Sincere about Change

This week several of the gang leaders of the St Martin’s area called on the media to air their condemnation of the killing of minors and for the continuous gun violence in the city. The leaders from areas known as PIV and Back-a-Land told three major news outlets that they want peace and are ready to stop the violence. It is a statement that we have all heard before as there have been as many as nine truces made with gang affiliates and leaders. Police Commissioner Chester Williams commented on the statements made by the gang members saying he does not believe, at least not yet.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I listen to the gang members at a media interview some of them where they are saying they want peace and they want jobs and they want this and they want that. Now my thing to them if you’re so serious about wanting peace, if you’re so serious that you want this to stop, if you’re so serious that you want to save our children, if you all are so serious that you want to raise your children start by giving up the guns you have. If you give up the guns you have that is a clear demonstration that you want this to be done. If you sit and say that you want peace and you want this done and you still have your guns or your weapons buried somewhere waiting for an opportunity to just go and take out and use it again then you’re not serious about peace. And at the end of the day when you talk about wanting jobs everybody has a right to work so long as they have reached in the work force age group and I personally would love to see them getting a job. You would know that I have advocated for them in the past through Stakebank Project but they have to come to the realization that nobody is going to hire a risk. I can’t have you on my job site when you’re still out there pulling trigger because when your rival comes to look for you and can’t find out then I will be collateral damage. So if it is that you want to work, you want employment, you want opportunity then your actions must demonstrate that you are serious about making a change because I’m sure Rene you wouldn’t want to have anybody at your worksite who is a risk because it puts you and your other employees at risk. So it must start with them.”

The recent murders of minors have angered many in the country resulting in the call for harsher punishment on the gang and criminal elements. Police Commissioner Chester Williams has now committed to spending more time in Belize City and to more aggressively pursue the criminal elements. His warning to these persons came today via The Morning Show, coupled with an appeal to the public to not obstruct the police from doing its job when the time comes.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “There’s a lot of things that we’re trying to do and some of it is going to require legislative interventions and we’re also working on that. But no matter what we do it must be a stern message to the gang members that you know what we have had enough. And that stern message must not only come from the police it must come from the citizenry as well. And so what we’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks I personally as the Commissioner I will be spending more time in Belize City because I think that I need to get back to where I used to move around the city, talk to citizens and see what their issues are, what their concerns are and so I’ll be spending more time in Belize City now as opposed to in Belmopan. Secondly those gang members who continue to terrorize the lives of our Belizean people we will go after them hard and I beg the Belizean people please when you see them crying on social media and putting up videos about police brutality please don’t pay them any mind because these are the things that glorifies them. The police goes after these gang members they take videos put it on social media what they want from the video – because they don’t put the whole situation – they cut out what they want and just put what they want and then the police take a flogging for it. Then even the law abiding people, the ordinary law abiding people see it and they themselves flog the police for it. So we have to send a message to gang members that you know what we as a society have gotten enough.”