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Compol Williams Says He Will be Leaving Office in the Next Two Years

Earlier this week, we reported on the United Democratic Party’s call for the heads of the Police Minister, the Ministry’s CEO and the Police Commissioner to roll for what the party suggests is a lacklustre response to crime. Police Commissioner Chester Williams has responded, calling Senator Michael Peyrefitte’s language politically expedient rhetoric. However, prior to this, we’ve heard reports, that the government was seriously considering replacing Williams who has said he doesn’t plan to be Police Commissioner for more than five years. Reports that Williams would be replaced by Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr. Richard Rosado, so we asked Williams about it. Here’s how he responded.
Reporter: You do know that rumors or reports still persist that the government is looking to replace you with Dr.Rosado ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I don’t know where you’re getting that from Mr.Hipolito but at the end of the day you need to be careful where you’re getting your rumors from. I have said before I enjoy a very good relationship with my minister, he knows my work ethics. Likewise with the Prime Minister he knows my work ethics but certainly I’m not here to grow rock stone. I have said before I don’t want to be Commissioner for more than five years and if it is that the time should come that the government wants me to go I will leave, I know what to do but that rumor that you’re coming with you should go and ask my minister and he’s going to answer you. Because he constantly responds to the media that the rumors are not true.”

Reporter: Obviously he won’t say that, he’s a politician he won’t say he’s trying to get rid of you. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “No you all persist that that is so.”

Reporter: Because of persistent reports but I’ve heard as well that you don’t see eye to eye with the CEO in Home Affairs.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “That is not true. Myself and my CEO have a very good working relationship. Yes as human beings we disagree on issues and that happens everywhere you go but we respect each other, we respect each other’s work ethics and my CEO and myself we communicate almost daily. He gave us a lot of ideas in terms of what we can do to make things better and there’s no issue between him and I no.”

Reporter: Your next step after you leave ? Either go to private practice but I’m thinking more to politics. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Really ?”

Reporter: It seems so. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I’m not going to comment on that at this time.”

Williams says he plans to demit office in two years.