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ComPol Williams says PC Trapp will face internal charges despite her attorney’s threat of legal action

The Belize Police Department is moving full steam ahead with its internal investigation into the actions of Police Constable Alicia Trapp despite threats of swift legal action from her attorney, Orson OJ Elrington. Back in June, during village council elections in Teakettle Village, Trapp was involved in an altercation with Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat. The cop went live on Facebook, alleging that Espat had assaulted her. Espat, however, denied the accusations and pointed out that evidence showed that Trapp was the aggressor. In response to the incident, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, stated that Trapp violated the Department’s Social Media Policy and would be dealt with. But Elrington fired back in a letter to the Commanding Officer of the Professional Standard Branch, Sr. Supt. Calbert Flowers and Director of Legal Affairs, Deputy Commissioner Bart Jones. In that letter, Elrington stated that swift legal action would be brought against the department if any disciplinary action against Trapp was taken. Here is what Commissioner Williams, said today when asked to provide an update on the matter.

Chester Williams, Belize Police Department: “We are not going to be perturbed by the threats of Mr. Elrington. Ms. Trapp has been served with her disciplinary charges and that matter is before a tribunal. I am waiting to see now if Mr. O.J. would take swift legal actions. I believe if it were swift the matter would have been before the courts already.  We have not seen anything from him in response to that particular incident and the tribunal will commence and we’ll see how it goes from there.”