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Compol Williams Says Poverty is a Not a Cause of Crime

For many years, researchers, consultants and government officials have cited multiple reasons that contribute to citizens turning criminals. Among the many reasons, poverty has been named as a cause for crime. Police Commissioner Williams says he does not buy into it and doesn’t think he ever will.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, Belize Police Department: We have heard this before even though I personally don’t believe that crime has to do with poverty because I think that, in the time I was growing up as a child, I practically had nothing. I’d go to school many days without eating, don’t know what a new suit of clothes was, don’t know what a tennis feels like on my foot, don’t know what a slippers feels like, didn’t know what a Christmas gift or a birthday gift were. I had nothing. Despite that, I fought to make myself who I am today. So poverty for me, is no reason for crime. For me, once you become a criminal, it’s a choice because no matter how difficult your situation may be, if it is that you want to rise above, you certainly can, especially now. In today’s day and age, our young people have more opportunities than you and I had when we were growing up.”