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Compol Williams says Senator Peyrefitte’s statements on Micah were misleading

Police Commissioner Chester Williams today also responded to the former Police Minister Michael Peyrefitte. During Wednesday’s United Democratic Party’s (UDP) press conference, Peyrefitte stated that the police failed to properly follow the law after Belize City’s Deputy Mayor Micah Goodin was involved in a shooting. Peyrefitte had called for charges to be brought against Goodin on the grounds of him being a joint enterprise to the shooting. According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, Peyrefitte’s statements were misleading and based on a will to gain political points.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “There should be a charge for misrepresenting the law and try to mislead lead people because they told people the person who made that comment yesterday is a senior attorney and for him to say that if I get in your vehicle and I have a gun on me and I fire my gun you are responsible and should be charged for joint enterprise I beg to wonder now if he really understands what joint enterprise is in law. Certainly when it comes to joint enterprise it simply means that a group of persons or some organized group would have been acting together to carry out some criminal activity and you would only apply joint enterprise like for example you find that if for example there are several case laws on this and one of the main law case law we had was the case of Powell where the court held that mere contemplation would be sufficient which means that if you and I go out to commit a crime and let’s say for example we agree that we were only going to do a robbery, I know you have a gun on you, the law is that I ought to have contemplated that the fact that you have a gun if things get tight you might use the gun. In a situation like that now we go and carry out the robbery, things get tight you took out the gun you used the gun you fired you killed the man in any event in those circumstances that is right enterprises I would help be held liable. You put that to the case of Micah Goodin and that crowd. Based on what was said there was an argument come up Michael Goodin intervened to quell the argument. He got into his vehicle along with his colleagues who were with him he drove off it is clear that there was no communication before between them to say that they were going there to do XYZ and secondly that when things get hot he jumped in his vehicle along with this crowd and drove off. Now if one member of his team took out a gun and fired how could he be held liable for it? It’s not like he was the one who told the man “take out your gun and fire at them.” No there is no evidence to suggest that so how could my senior at bar even allude to the fact that in a case like that the police should charge everybody then he would be the same one to want to sue to say that we unlawfully imprisoned people, we managed to prosecute people we have we don’t have evidence against. We cannot we cannot be double standard we cannot do things for political reasons or political gain and for me based on what I saw in the news last night what was being done was done with a view to gain political gain.”