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Compol Williams Says that Domestic Violence Was Indeed Apart of PC’s Young Relationship with Glenford Perriot

Police Constable Arilee Young and her daughter, 17-year-old, Shania Cardenas will be laid to rest on Friday in Santa Elena Town. As the family prepares to say their final goodbyes investigators continue probing into Saturday’s double murder/suicide. In multiple interviews with family members our newsroom has been told that there was no domestic violence in the relationship. As a matter of fact, the cop’s mother has described the shooter, Glenford Perriott as a humble man who wouldn’t kill a fly. Further investigations, however, have shown that domestic violence was a contributing factory.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “From what we see in the investigation so far is that it would appear to be a matter of domestic violence and as much as some might say that these two persons did not live a life of domestic violence the fact that you’re killed by your spouse is domestic violence and the police practically have closed that investigation. What we’ll be doing is that we’ll put the file together after post mortem is concluded because we still need to rely on the expert opinion of the pathologist who is going to tell us whether or not the injury sustained by the young man is consistent with him committing suicide. So we cannot really close the door as yet until we have gotten that information and once the post mortem and everything is done then we’ll put the file together and then we send it to the DPP for further guidance from there. From what we have been told by people who live nearby that there is constant argument between the two couples and so we believe that there was some issue between them that led to what actually transpired.”

Police Commissioner Williams spoke on the funeral plans for Police Constable Young saying it will be an official burial. He noted that the department will ensure that the COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We are the police and we must as much as we can abide by the regulations, if not then we’re going to be criticized and rightfully so. You would know that when it comes to an official funeral there are certain elements that must be present and so we’ll be having just the firing party, that will be the team that gives the 21 gun salute, we’ll have the pallbearers; those are the persons who carry the casket, a few wreath bearers and the band to do a slight slow march to the burial site. We’re not going to have that pomp and circumstance that we normally have associated with police officers funeral. We’re going to cut it down significantly to ensure that we abide by the COVID19 regulations. I have also said to my commanders that as soon as we have arrived at the cemetery those officers who will be marching will be dismissed so that they don’t have to be congregating at the cemetery along with others because that is going to make the crowd much bigger. So we’re doing what we can to allow the family members to have as much as they can within the scope of the regulation. At the end of the day someone that they loved that they lost and they need to have that opportunity to say their final goodbye but again we must do so within the scope of the regulations.”

Love News understands that only immediate family members will be allowed to attend the funeral services. PC Young had been a part of the Police Department for over sixteen years. She was at home on Fourth Street, Belize City with her daughter on Saturday morning around 2am when Perriott arrived at the house and allegedly fired the fatal shots on the two females and then on himself.