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Compol Williams Says the DPP will Decide the Fate Jessica Itch’s Attackers

*Two weekends ago, twenty-three-year-old Jessica Jasmine Itch was brutally beaten by her sisters-in-law and her husband’s girlfriend in Armenia Village. She died shortly after the attack and initial reports suggest police would bring charges against her attackers. The case, however, is not as clear-cut because the post mortem revealed that Itch died as a result of acute pulmonary edema. Itch’s death was not caused directly by the beating but* Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that the DPP may direct a charge if evidence proves that the beating contributed to Itch’s death.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I have directed investigators last week to put together the file along with the findings of the post mortem and to forward it to the DPP’s office for direction. As you would know that the post mortem results showed that she did not die from violence or the violent attack she died from something else but as I have said in previous interviews there’s a thing in law this is called causation. Let’s say for example you may suffer heart problems and someone would come and frighten you and you die from it they would be a causal link between that person’s conduct that escalated your death. So even though the person may not be charged for murder the person can be charged for maybe manslaughter or manslaughter by negligence because it would have been the action of that person that accelerated your situation which led to your death. So if the DPP were to find that there is a causal link between the beating that escalated her situation to where it went and she eventually died then the DPP may direct a charge and I say the word may because it is important that that causal link be there and the DPP will have to be guided as well by medical evidence to show that you know what this was what accelerated this and eventually led to the death. So we’re putting the file together and it will go to the DPP’s office and we’ll get direction from there.”