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ComPol Williams says the police receives reports of narco plane landings everyday

Today, reports of a suspected narco plane landing in the Spanish Lookout area spread across social media like wildfire. However, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams confirmed to Love News that the report was fake news. Nonetheless, this morning, Williams stated that the police department receives reports of suspected narco jet landings on a daily basis. According to Williams, officers who were patrolling the municipality had to follow up on the drug plane report.

Chester Williams, Belize Police Department: “The night of when we had the fatal shooting in Dangriga, the police had just responded to information of a plane coming and the officers who were patrolling Dangriga Town had to leave Dangriga to go and respond to the plane issue and so the town was left open with no police patrol and I guess criminals took advantage of the opportunity and it happened. But, every single night we are out there responding to information of planes coming out of South America coming our way and we can’t ignore it because we do not know if the planes are going to come to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, or Mexico.  So once we get information of a plane leaving South America, we always mobilise our teams to go into respective areas and in the event that a plan comes our way we are prepared to respond to it adequately.”