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Compol Williams Says There Will be No Preventative Detention this Year

Police are gearing up for the Christmas holidays with increased mobile and foot patrols. In recent history, the Ministry of Home Affairs has been known to collect the known criminal elements as an approach to preventing crimes. Things are different this season, however, as Police Commissioner, Chester Williams says there will be no preventative detentions.

Reporter: Any plans for preventative detention throughout the Christmas holidays ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “No. We’re not going to do that. Let me say that I must commend our minister Mr.Musa and our Prime Minister who found the funds for us to do a three months gang intervention program where we’re seeing that these gang members from different areas are employed within their respective area to do some beautification and as a part of that what we also have is each of the different groups will be taken to the Mountain Pine Ridge on a weekly basis where they’ll be taught several subject areas and it’s done in tangent with the University of Belize. They’ll be looking at conflict resolution, civic pride, anger management and different subject areas so they’ll be in the Mountain Pine Ridge for a week going through those therapeutic sessions and so we anticipate that at the end of this which we believe will be three months we should be getting better results from them in terms of how they resolve their issues, trying to resolve by way of their mind intelligence as opposed to the use of a gun. So there’s a lot that we’re doing. It’s a part of the long term solution to fight crime within our country.”

Reporter: Will they be taught hunting too sir ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Not the type of hunting that Dickie Bradley’s clients will do but yes to hunt game yes they will be taught that as well.”