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Compol Williams Tells OJ Elrington to Sit Down and Stay in His Lane

Earlier this month a video of a Police officer rapping in uniform, using profanity was circulated on social media. The Police Commissioner threatened to discipline the officer for behaving in contravention of the standing orders. Shortly after, one media blog announced that Attorney Orson Elrington would be representing the officer should the Compol take measures. In response to that, Commissioner Williams told the attorney to basically, sit down and stay in his lane.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We have a code of ethics that every police officer must abide by. It cannot be that we’re going to say that we’re going to punish some who break certain regulations and we’re not going to punish others. We must deal with things across the board and it is these same so called trivial things that we allow to fester that eventually turns up into big things. And so as a department we must hold our officers accountable when they do wrong. And I’m not going to say what the extent of the disciplinary matter is going to be because that’s not within my purview I’m not going to be the person to try him. And when I say I refer to PSB it does not mean that PSB will place him on charge, they might write him a letter of remand but something to let him understand that what he did was wrong and that there should be no recurrence.”