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ComPol Williams weighs in on the Culture Capital’s uptick in violence

 Police Commissioner Chester Williams also commented on the uptick in violence in Dangriga Town. Over the weekend, 38-year-old Ronald Gill was stabbed to death in broad daylight, and on Monday night, 43-year-old Adolpho Nunez was shot and killed at his residence. According to Commissioner Williams, while the incidents are not related, it is believed to be the results of friendships turned sour. Here’s how he explained it. 

Chester Williams, Belize Police Department: “We see that Dangriga oftentimes have flare ups and again there is also a pocket of gangs in Dangriga but we are not looking at Dangriga incidents as being gang related but rather, in the first case with the stabbing, these were persons who were friends and they had some argument and that argument eventually led to the stabbing death of the individual. Again, I don’t see how policing could have prevented that from occurring. And in the second incident that occurred the night before, again, based on what investigators are getting, these persons were neighbours, they were friends. And we don’t know what happened between them that led to the shooting death of the young man but investigators are on the ground. They’re putting the pieces together and hopefully pretty soon we should be able to make an arrest. In both instances in dangriga, we believe we know who the persons are. It’s just a matter for the police to put the pieces together and we should be able to make an arrest.”