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Composer Frankie Reneau in concert at the Bliss

Renowned composer and pianist Frankie Reneau is in Belize and tonight the Bliss Center for the performing arts is expected to be packed to capacity for his annual concert. Love News stopped by to find out from Reneau what is in store for the Belizean public.

Frankie Reneau – Composer/Pianist

The program features quite a lot of things musically. There will be a little bit of classical music which is my forte and violin and Broadway songs. The main event will be the singers singing the Broadway and soul thing by Diana Ross the songs that she sang, Otis Redding and quite a lot of other popular modern songs as well and to do that I have quite a lot of very good singers, I’m sure the public could recognize the names and it’s going to be a really exciting evening.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“Now talk to us about the age range of the audience.

Frankie Reneau – Composer/Pianist

“I think everyone is included here some of the items like the Motown hits from the past which some of the older people will know some of those but there are some modern things like “All of me”, so there is something for everyone there.”

Tickets can be bought at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts at twenty dollars each.