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CONCACAF new requirement met with resistance

Football Club owners are putting up resistance to a requirement posed by CONCACAF. The resistance has to do with insurance for football players. FFB’s Acting President Marlon Kuylen shared more details.

FFB’s Acting President, Marlon Kuylen

“As part of CONCACAF’s club licensing one of the criteria is because there is a list of thirty items that must be complied with for you to be licensed as a club and one of the requirements is for insurance for the players and the league has been successful, one of the local companies has been successful in its bid to provide all the clubs with insurance for their player and now we are looking to take it even further because we want to now include our referees also; even though that is not a requirement but on the federation side of things we are looking to get the referees insured also. What we have been having is resistance because it’s a whole change in the way things are being done now and with any new change that comes you will find resistance but because it is mandatory it had to be done and it is now everybody is in compliance with that recommendation.”


“Are there any nuances in terms of players who often in Belize are not playing professionally throughout the year. For example like minute details that need to be worked out because then teams in Belize are not necessarily professional there are only a few that are.”

FFB’s Acting President, Marlon Kuylen

“Well I think to be considered professional you have to be earning more than $100 a week I think I can’t recall but for a player to be licensed in the league or with the federation and playing on a premier league club they have to have a contract even if it only states $50 a week they all have to have a contract to obtain a license. So as to whether they are playing professionally or not enough well that is neither here nor there.”

Eight clubs make up the Premier League of Belize.