Concern Grows for Missing Teen Last Seen in Guatemala

Concern Grows for Missing Teen Last Seen in Guatemala

Four days ago, we told you of the 14-year-old child that was reported missing by her parents.  The child left her Santa Cruz home in the Stann Creek District on Saturday afternoon, saying she was going to a friend’s house to do homework.  Up to news time this afternoon, Nellis Maria Diaz has still not returned home, and the parents are growing more and more concerned.  According to the girl’s brother, Luis Diaz Junior, they have been getting leads, including a report that she was seen in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala.

Luis Diaz, Brother of Missing Teen: “We just received a call from someone in Melchor that recently just saw her crossing the border through the river side if I’m not mistaken that’s what they told us. However we’re not getting our hopes up we’re just seeing if it’s really her. She visited one of the pharmacies there in Melchor area and one of our friends went to confirm with a picture of her and then she confirmed that yes it was her and at the moment police are trying to investigate if it’s her and trying to get to her now.”

Reporter: Did they say what she was wearing ? 

Luis Diaz, Brother of Missing Teen: “Yes. The first woman told us that she was wearing a red shirt with jeans pants but now she says she saw her crossing about nine this morning however now that we sent someone across to see and then she said she saw someone similar but she’s wearing a gray long sleeve shirt.”

Diaz mentioned that in recent days he has been going to Melchor to put up posters of the missing child around the pharmacy. On the other hand, Nelli’s aunt Jennifer Bonilla told Love News that they have received reports from the school principal that the teen’s best friends have been told by their parents not to disclose any information.

Jennifer Bonilla, Aunt of Missing Teen: “The vice principal and the principal says that one of the mother of the kids said she told her that she already saw, she already heard and she doesn’t have to talk with anybody else about what happened with my niece. And two days ago one girl told me that her daughter she heard that the lady said the same thing.”

Reporter: Okay so Nelly’s close friends ?
Jennifer Bonilla, Aunt of Missing Teen:“Yeah Nelly’s close friends that they said that the little girl that is the one who loaned Nelly the phone for to text with somebody else. We talk about them but some of the Chinese didn’t want to give us the permission to check the cameras, Five Stars said that the cameras from outside weren’t working, from since they killed someone in front of there the cameras are not working and then the police said that she doesn’t want to give the permission because Lisa is not here right now. Nothing, we didn’t get even a call nothing from police, not even from Mango Creek, not from Stann Creek from right here in Santa Cruz nothing nothing. We just want if she is hearing or she is seeing a post for her to call or send a text to her father or her mother that is the only thing we want.”

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams says the police are collaborating with their neighboring counterparts to locate Diaz.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well the police are looking at the various possibilities. Like you rightly said it is believed that the child may have gone over to Santa Cruz Guatemala and so we are looking at it trying to collaborate with our counterparts over that side of the border to see if they will be able to locate her there. At the same time we’re still trying to look within our borders to see if she may be anywhere within Belize.”

Diaz is of fair complexion with long black hair and brown eyes. Anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts is urged to call 655-2423, 911, 0922 or the nearest police station.

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