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Concerns rise following attack on elderly American couple in Corozal

On Wednesday night, 81 year old Gary Hawke and his 74-year-old, wife Elizabeth Rousseau were brutally attacked in their home. They lived in the small Oasis community along the Consejo Road in the Corozal District. It’s an MO that appears to have become recurrent in that district where many American and Canadian families come to retire in Belize. American Drew Devoursney and Canadian Francesca Matus were killed in May of 2017. In another brutal murder, Belizeans Baltazar Lopez and Zeidy Orozco were found murdered in June of 2017 and their bodies disposed of in an area off the same Consejo Road. Area Representative for COrozal North, Hugo Patt says it’s very concerning.

Hugo Patt Area Rep Corozal North: “Corozal itself, Consejo we have heard of incidents and certain crimes happening around the vicinity but it does not happen often Dalila but when it does it is a scale that reaches national and international attention and so this is not necessarily the type of message that we want to send out there. Corozal as you know traditionally has been a very peaceful and quiet community and so we enjoy the peacefulness of the district and we want to keep it as such and in my opinion the best way for us is to get a halt onto this is to bring those who were responsible for these types of actions to be brought to justice.”

No one has been arrested or charged for any of the above mentioned murders.