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Concert Planned to Celebrate 1859 Border Treaty

A concert aimed at commemorating the 1859 border treaty between Great Britain and the Republic of Guatemala will be taking place in southern Belize this weekend through efforts of the Belize Territorial Volunteers.  Lead organizer is Wil Maheia who has been passionate when it comes to the protection of the Sarstoon for Belize.


“The concert is happening so that Belizeans could become more aware of the date 30th of April 1859 and we believe that not enough Belizeans are aware of that date which is significant because it was the date when the treaty was signed so that when our borders were defined and that was in 1859 when Britain and Guatemala both agreed on the border line from the mouth of the Sarstoon of the mid-channel all the way to Gracias A Dios and north to the Mexican border. So we believe that this is a good time to highlight it, the 30th of April and we want to do it in a concert so we have been calling out for artists to submit songs and so far we have had about ten artists submitting their songs like a song competition. In addition to that we will have Cocono Bwai who will be performing his famous “Border to Border” and Ras Indio will also be coming to Punta Gorda to perform. There is no cost to enter but we are accepting donations so that we could keep our patrols to the Sarstoon going it’s happening at Walucos on Sunday evening beginning at 4pm. The public is invited to this event; we think that it is significant. We have the Weatherburn Sisters that will be performing; we have several Mayan guys from the villages who have written songs that they will be performing so we expect that it will be like a full event with lots of activities and songs that reference the 1859 treaty”.

The concert is set for Sunday at Waluco’s in Punta Gorda.  Entrance is free but a donation towards the patrols on the Sarstoon is welcomed.  There is also an open invitation for local artists who would like to be included in the evening’s lineup.  The treaty being celebrated is a document where it was agreed that the borderline begins at the mouth of the River Sarstoon in the Bay of Honduras and proceeding up the mid channel to Gracias Adios Falls; then turning to the right and continuing by a line drawn direct from Gracias Adios Falls due north until it hits the Mexican border. The concert starts at 4pm.