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Concrete negatively effects the environment

One product that impacts the environment negatively is the concrete block.  The item generates carbon dioxide and as such, some countries are looking to come up with ways on how to offset the carbon dioxide emission.   that is generated from the production of cement. Carlos Fuller, the Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre says the countries affected are the ones who make the cement.

Carlos Fuller – Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: “Well it is in the production of cement, it is not in the use of cement that produces the carbon dioxide so it is those countries that actually produce cement. We import a lot of cement for example from Honduras, from Jamaica, from the US, from Mexico. Those are the countries that make the cement and are the ones who have to account for it. The people who use it don’t have to account for it so there is that difference so they would then have to find a mechanism to reduce in some way how they are actually manufacturing the cement, the way they produce their cement will have to change or they will have to produce some other mechanism to offset what they are doing so in some countries for example they would say for every ton of cement they produce they will plant a new tree to absorb that Carbon dioxide because as a tree grows it captures the carbon dioxide so there are these mentions that those countries that make cement will have to adapt to address that issue.”