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Conflicting reports surrounding road traffic incident that has left a fifty-year-old man hospitalized in critical condition

The family of 50-year-old Gerardo Mendoza is seeking answers from the police after he was involved in a traffic incident last Friday night. According to his son, Luis Mendoza, police told the family that he fell from behind a pickup truck shortly before seven o’clock that night on the Philip Goldson Highway across from the Guinea Grass junction. However, the family has received another version of what transpired. Mendoza’s son says his father who lives in Orange Walk Town, works as a security guard in the Tower Hill area and was heading to work that night.

Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza: “We were informed from the police that he fell from a vehicle, from a pick up truck and that is what someone saw but yesterday I got a phone call because I posted it on Facebook and stuff like that and what I was informed was that this guy that called me he told me that he was at the back of the vehicle by BSI and he said that it’s a green Nissan and he saw when the vehicle hit him. My father flew over the vehicle but he was entering into Guinea Grass, to Shipyard so he just saw the accident. He actually told me that he was carrying some Mennonites and the Mennonites gave a statement to what they saw but the police didn’t give me that information. They just said that someone saw he fell from the back of the vehicle with his bicycle and that doesn’t add up. If you see the bicycle falling you won’t jump over to save the bicycle.”
Reporter: So he was riding a bicycle at the time.
Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza: “Yes. He is a watchman he always goes to work on his bicycle.”
Reporter: About what time was that ?
Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza: “It was about 6:40pm. All they told me is that someone told them that he fell from a vehicle and that is impossible because my father would never, I mean he’s riding because he would never take a drop and he always rides to the back of the BSI road the old road to come out near Tower Hill he wouldn’t ride the main road, he would always come from the back road.
Reporter: And he hasn’t been conscious since the incident.”
Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza:Yes he is unconscious right now.”
Reporter: He hasn’t been able to tell the family what has happened.
Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza: “No. He is unconscious, he’s in a coma like situation right now.”
Reporter: What are doctors saying?
Luis Mendoza, Son of Gerardo Mendoza: “Actually his body is responding and he is breathing but he has brain damage, he has a fracture and that is what the doctors are working on right now because it’s swelling.””

Mendoza was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and later transferred to the Karl Heunser Memorial Hospital. Mendoza’s wife, Teresita Torres was along with her son in Belize City today and made a plea to the person who hit her husband.

Teresita Torres, Wife of Gerardo Mendoza: The only thing that I ask is for him to turn himself in. We don’t want to press charges against him but that he turns himself in and talk with us, that he helps us with our expenses because my husband is in a very bad condition. If he has family, has brothers he would not like what he did to my husband to happen to him. That he has a heart because we are not bad people, we are Christians and my heart as his wife and as the mother of his children what we want is that he comes here and ask for forgiveness. I will understand him because I am a mother but that he comes and speak with us- that is all we want, that he doesn’t run because it is hurting me to see my husband like this. Every time I come they tell me that he is like this and like that I don’t even know what to do. I feel desperate, please you who are listening to me soften your hear, come speak to me I will understand you. I don’t want to have you locked up because I know this can happen to anyone.”

Police did not address the case in this morning’s press brief.