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Construction Worker Murdered in Early Morning Shooting

A Belize City man was gunned down in broad daylight today. It happened this morning, just before nine o’clock, on Partridge Street in Southside Belize City. When police arrived on the scene they saw 28-year-old Desmond Budna on the ground. He had been shot multiple times. Love News was first on the scene and reporter Giovanna Moguel has the story. 

Giovanna Moguel, Love News: Tonight, a mother is grieving the loss of her son, who was brutally gunned down in broad daylight. Twenty-seven-year old Desmond Budna, a Construction worker from San Pedro Town, was walking on Amandala Drive Extension in Belize City a little after eight o’clock this morning, when he was met by a barrage of bullets that pierced through his body. Mother of the victim, Arlene Budna says her son had planned to attend a birthday party with his sister in Belmopan. 

Arlene Budna, Mother of Victim: “I just heard that they have my son – they shot up my son they called and told me. I just caught a taxi and ran over there when I saw my son laid down face down. The person that supposedly shot him they caught him off guard. He was running from them because they caught him in his back and his slippers fell off a few feet away from where his body is and they shot him up in his back so many shots because they said it was ten shots.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love News: Our newsroom spoke with the Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, who stated that an investigation into the murder is ongoing. Police have reviewed the camera located on posts along the street to assess what transpired into the run up of the tragedy. Minister Musa indicated that the shooting could be linked to drug relations.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “This murder this morning comes I think three weeks to a month after the last murder in Belize City and so we definitely have to look at this case. The police are investigating it and from what I am told in the first instance it is not gang related per se, it is more possibly drug related so that’s the angle that the police are looking. We don’t anticipate that there should be any retaliation per se in relation to this murder but we have to investigate it because every single Belizean life matters.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love News: Contrary to the speculations of the shooting being drug related, Budna says that her son did not participate in those activities. She adds that he was a calm person who kept to himself. 

Arlene Budna, Mother of Victim: “He started working construction from those years with his dad and he went on a four year stretch and he got tired of it and he stopped and he started to hang with some boys that live right at San Pedro to the back of our area San Mateo. So I told him ‘Son this is not a life. Go back and work.’ He went back and he started working and I don’t know him with no gang and those things. Gang marks and those things there no, I always advise my kids those things are nothing good and whatever you do to others will come back to your siblings or somebody that you love.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love News: The Budna family is crying out for justice as they believe the shooting may have been planned.

Arlene Budna, Mother of Victim: “Why do you have to take somebody’s life when you can’t even put together nothing ? Why would you take somebody’s life ? Only God can make life, only him. What gives them the right to take away my son’s life ? But I want justice even if the police don’t give justice to everybody that is involved and plotted together I want justice from God and I will kneel down on my knees every day and I will pray for justice for my son.”