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Constructive Dialogue Prevails Between BWC and FSTV

Last week we told you of a developing situation between the Belize Waste Control and the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City and the payment for the collection of garbage. Tonight, we can tell you that the Belize City Council has intervened and with an update on the issue the media spoke with City Councillor, Philip Willoughby.


Councillor Willoughby says while he cannot divulge the meat of the negotiations so far, he is confident that once the talks are through the service will be up to par.


Earlier boxes assumed to be garbage were seen being brought out of the village earlier today; the media questioned whether the FSTV has contracted another provider.


According to the Belize Waste Control they had cease service at the village due to a miscommunication.


As new developments occur, we will be reporting to you.