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Consultations Come After Announcement of Curfew

Following our meeting with Mayor Bradley, we met up with ACP Chester Williams and in that encounter he laid out the idea and details on the initiative of detaining minors found on the streets unsupervised.  Williams says it is not a curfew.


To further elaborate on this idea, Williams says that it is not a haphazard approach but rather, it is one that has been thought about extensively and today, with the determination in carrying out this idea, Williams told us about meetings and consultations had with various agencies.


For parents and the public in general who are concerned, Williams says the detention of minors does not mean that they will be placed in a holding cell along with the criminal elements.


According to Williams, this idea is not being taken due to any extreme violence or dangers on the street but rather because since his return to the Belize Police Department on a full time basis, he has found that many of the persons committing crimes particularly with firearms are those under eighteen years old.