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Consultations on re-opening of Commerce Bight Port continue

Harry Arzu reporting…

“Dangrigans and residents living in the Southern communities have been clamoring for the re-opening of the Commerce Bight Port located some two and a half miles south of Dangriga. In light of this, attempts have been made before. Moreover another attempt is being made and the input of the public is being gathered though consultations. Another such event was held today at the Dangriga Town Hall. Love News spoke with the Minister of State in the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities, Frank Pawpa Mena.”

Frank Mena – Minister of State in the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities

“Clean Caribe as I had asked them when they expressed interest in the port, I said, you cannot do this independently and so you need to get the vibe of the people, you need to hear what people will want. I’ve personally seen investment in this country that people have been isolated. Those directly involved have been kept aside and so I asked that some consultation be done. So what I did in the initial stage was to form a committee that would sort of flesh out things which included some technical people, youth leaders, NGOs , across political lines, the religious and so we could get the best formula for the way forward so this is the third of those, and the consultation needs to continue, getting our people. If you know we have been expanding the crowd. The presentation is basically about where they are in terms of presenting the final document to the community that they will end up presenting to the subcommittee tomorrow. So it was just presenting that document to see if what the committees asked for and what they wanted and what we discussed was in it. Basically I think a couple questions were fielded as a cross reference and I think we are on target.”