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Consultations Set to Begin in Toledo on Maya Land Rights Issues

As it relates to ongoing consultations, Head of the Commission Lisel Alamilla, gave the dates for the upcoming consultations.


“Mr.Ross is here this week and we are taking the opportunity of him being here to have our first series of consultations with the villages of San Felipe, Big Falls and San Vicente. Based on our first round of consultations with the elected leaders they asked that the commission come to each individual community to have consultations with them. We are starting that this Friday. Between now and Friday we will also be meeting with government officials to discuss the work of the commission, what we have done to date and what we have plan to do in the near future.”

The times for each consultation are as follows. On Friday at six o’clock p.m. they will be in San Felipe Village. The team travels to Big Falls on Saturday at five p.m. and on Sunday they will be in San Vicente at one p.m.