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Continuous Water Quality Assessment for Belize

Water quality monitoring entities from across the country gathered at the Training Room of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute to collaborate and share information on the continuous health of our aquifers and rivers. Tennielle Williams, the Principal Hydrologist for the National Hydrological Service believes it’s important for the relevant organizations to identify areas that need more attention.

Tenielle Williams Principal Hydrologist, National Hydraulic Service: “We need to monitor what the quality in Belize and as such we have gathered most of the water quality monitoring entities in the country to find out what they are doing and to see where we have gaps and where we need to improve on those gaps.”

Jose Sanchez: “When it comes to water quality assessment what areas of the country do you check and how regular are those assessments?”

Tenielle Williams Principal Hydrologist, National Hydraulic Service:It’s good that you ask that question because that is exactly what we are trying to establish, we have so many entities conducting  water quality, monitoring exercises and we don’t know who is doing what where. Within the government service we more or less have an idea of what is happening and we realize that we need to use citizen science and have that public private partnership so that is one of the reason that we are here inquiring from the entities of what we are doing and where we have gaps. The UN Water and Sanitation Organization has just launched a report on IWRM implementation in the country and it still says the world is not on track of achieving SDG 6 and of course water pollution increasing is one of the findings in that report so actually we are implementing what they are recommending to involve citizen science and private entities.”

Funding for the workshop came through UNDP, the Japan funding for Climate Change Partnership Project.