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Contraband Cigarettes Hidden Among Loaves

Three men are detained at the Belmopan Police Station pending charges after police intercepted a truck delivering bread and discovered contraband goods. This morning the bread was searched and between the crates of bread were a number of cartons of cigarette. Officer in Command in Belmopan Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett spoke to Love News about the bust.


“Earlier today we held an operation within our jurisdiction and three persons were arrested for contraband cigarettes. Those persons are Juan Raymundo, David Maheia and Fabro E_____. They were in a delivery truck that was heading to Dangriga Town to deliver bread but in that truck we found 45 cartons of cigarettes. The brands of the cigarettes were RGB and Pine Green. So far we have enlisted the support of the Customs Department and they’ve assessed the total to be just over $16,000 in Belizean currency and from that total I believe they are to pay $11,000 forthwith.”

Senior Superintendent Gillett says that these illegal activities are unacceptable. He spoke about good public relations that lead them to the bust.


“Well we continue to share a good relationship with the public and we consider the public here in our jurisdiction one of our main stakeholders and they continue to work along with the Belmopan police hence the reason why we’re able to capture these individuals with the items. What we’ve gathered so far is that these cigarettes were destined for the Stann Creek district and they would have been resold in that locality. That is as far as we know based on the interviews that we’ve conducted. I want to discourage people from being participating in contraband or illegal activities because it just shows the amount you could be fined if caught and we continue to be vigilant not only just for one crime but for any crime that occurs in our jurisdiction.”

The three men must pay a total of eleven thousand dollars immediately.