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Contractor General’s appointment unsuccessful

Love News has confirmed that the reappointment of Godwin Arzu as Contractor General of Belize was unsuccessful.  Our newsroom has received reports that Arzu stopped receiving his salary since the end of December 2017. With Arzu’s failed reappointment and no successor, one can deduce that the country has no Contractor General at the moment. So the question is: who is monitoring the award and the implementation of public contracts? The Government had the intention of reappointing Arzu for a further period of two years; however, the majority of the Senators blocked his reappointment. According to two Senators, they did not believe that Arzu was fit to be Contractor General anymore. They say that the Contractor General’s reports for at least the past three years have not been tabled before the Senate, so they were unable to evaluate Arzu’s eligibility because there were no documents to support that he was fit to remain as Contractor General. So his appointment was voted down. We understand that one of the Senators has requested documents relating to this matter from the Financial Secretary.  Arzu was first appointed Contract General in 2008.