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Controversy Brewing at St Xavier Credit Union

Francis Xavier Credit Union is looking for a new general manager. On April 27, the credit union announced that its previous GM Rafael Dominguez would not continue in his role when his contract expired. At a meeting held two weeks before, on April 13, the credit union’s Board of Directors passed a unanimous resolution not to renew Dominguez’s contract. The decision, the credit union says, was not taken lightly but the Board felt that it would not have been in the organisation’s best interest to renew his contract. the board insists that its decision was quote “justifiable and warranted” End quote. Fast forward to Monday and a press release from credit union members – not the board — says that there will be a long-awaited Annual General Meeting (AGM)or a Special General Meeting on May 29, at a venue to be announced. The credit union, we should note, has not had an AGM since 2020 and there are several unresolved matters, which the board hopes can be settled. The agenda for May 29 includes the elections of Board officers, whose service period has expired. But this is where it gets interesting because the press release by the members is calling Dominguez’s departure and dismissal illegal. More than that, the members’ release says some of the other issues they hope to resolve are the unethical behaviours by high-ranking officials, the current economic standing of the credit union, and elections of the Supervisory and Credit committees. The release by the credit union’s members also states that there are about 2,000 members, who’ve signed a special petition, reflecting the voice of members who want these issues resolved. For now, it seems like there are several issues in the union’s underbelly and it’s a situation we will continue to monitor closely.